FRISKY FRIDAY FIGHT:  Nudists Say Their Feelings Are Laid Bare – When Tourists Arrive Inconsiderately
Nudists Fight for Right to Bare All at Spanish Beaches 
Is it a “cover up“?  In-the-buff bathers, in Spain, are up-in-arms, about tourists who come to their nude beaches, clothed.  
The Naturist-Nudist Federation of Catalonia has launched a campaign asking for the local government to help address “the discrimination that nudists face on the beaches.

The nudists claim that bloggers and travelers post information about the beaches, but fail to mention the nudity.  So, then, these clothed tourists make them feel uncomfortable.  Some nudists say they have even been laughed, at or verbally abused.

But their fearful feelings are laid bare:  They’re also afraid that photos of them relaxing naked will turn up on the internet.

Naturist Segimon Rovira explains that having dedicated nudist areas helps protect participants.

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