FRISKY FRIDAY PHONERS:  Here’s How Fast You’ll Get a Text Back If Someone Is Really Into You
Lovebirds Talk for 41 Minutes During Honeymoon Period 
Are you lovestruck?  A survey of 1,000 adults aged 18-44 examined how often dating couples keep in touch.

During the beginning of the romance, or the “honeymoon period,” lovebirds spend an average of 41 minutes on the phone, per day.  This decreases to 19 minutes within two years.

[Note:  A woman in Thailand was able to get a divorce because she said her husband had not responded to a text from her in over a year!]

Worth noting:  Daters who really are into one another will reply to a text within just under 17 minutes.  Over time, the wait increases to 24 minutes.

And here’s a dating headsup:  Don’t play too coy; because 25% of respondents said they would never consider a second date, if they didn’t receive a reply within two days after the first date.  Get your favorite memes ready!

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