A White Dog Named Ghost – Runs with Coyote Pack – Now He Needs Help
It’s not exactly “Dances With Wolves“…  More like “Runs With Coyotes“:  A domesticated dog is now rescued, in Nevada, after he’d been living a wild life for the past 7 months…  with a pack of coyotes.

Several neighbors in Inspirada caught sightings of a white dog, traveling with the pack, as early as July 2022.  No one knows quite how the dog, who’s named Ghost, came to integrate into the pack.

It seems like he may have been put out there between seven and eight months and somehow or another, the coyotes just accepted him,” Susan McMullen of the Southern Nevada Trapping Team said.  When Ghost started to limp, the team became concerned for his health.

Ghost was captured last week.  He is very friendly to humans.  A GoFundMe has been set up for the dog’s medical bills, as he was found with rocks in his belly and various infections.  The goal is to find a loving home for Ghost, once he’s healthy.

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