WORK SMARTER NOT HARDER:  Food You Serve Will Taste Better in THIS Bowl
Potato gratin, in rustic dish. Delicious sliced potatoes with onions, tomato, garlic, herbs and chicken meat.
Study: Fussy Eaters Are More Likely to Avoid Food Served in Red (or Blue) Bowls – Use White
If you anticipate a picky eater you should avoid serving them food in a red bowl – or maybe any colored bowl.  
University of Portsmouth researchers have found that, for picky eaters, both saltiness and desirability to eat a snack were influenced by the color of the bowl it was served in. 
This group rated saltiness as higher, when members were tasting food from blue bowls and red bowls, than they did when they were tasting food from a white bowl. 
Lead study author Dr. Lorenzo Stafford says:  “Since picky eating can be stressful for both the individual and family relations, these findings offer preliminary evidence for how color might help enhance the food eating experiences.” 

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