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22% of Us Are Cooking Thanksgiving Dinner for the First Time This Year

Thanksgiving dinners are going to be a lot smaller this year . . . and according to a new survey from Campbell’s Soup, that means two-thirds of us are going to be having dinner in our own homes.

So there are going to be a LOT of rookies handling Thanksgiving cooking.  22% of people – or, about one-out-of-four of  us, say this year will be the first shot at making Thanksgiving dinner . . . and two-thirds of us are worried about completely botching it.

[Don’t feel bad.  I completely screwed up the first four or five.  I will say the next five were pretty standard.  But the last ten have been really good – see my “brining” recipe, and menu, below.  People – especially family – are usually just touched that you tried, and relieved that they don’t have to do it, this year.  LOL]

In fact, more than a third of us are nervous about just hosting, for the first time, even if it’s a very small group.

In case that happens . . . hey, at least there are plenty of fast food spots that usually stay open on Thanksgiving.

Not surprisingly, the soup maker found that dishes which may require their products as ingredients:

  • More than three quarters (77%) of consumers said mashed potatoes are one of their favorite Thanksgiving side dishes.
  • 41% of first-time hosts rated Green Bean Casserole as top “no fail” holiday dishes.

Devour more, here:  (PR Newswire)

Here’s a great way to make sure it’s a tender but totally cooked and safe turkey:  Food Network.

Our basic Thanksgiving menu:  Turkey, mashed potatoes (with cream cheese in ’em) with gravy, stuffing (with celery and parsnips), mashed sweet potatoes (with butter, vanilla and bourbon), green bean casserole, fresh cranberry sauce (with grated lemon rind), Bailey’s with ice cream and pumpkin pie.  It’s pretty easy to make the casserole and the mashed stuff ahead of time.     ~ Mo       🙂

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