1923 Predictions Which Have Come True within 100 Years for 2023
100-Year-Old Predictions – Which Actually Came True  

Newspaper clippings from 1923 show us which predictions, made 100 years ago, have actually come true.

What did visionaries get right?  Watch-sized radio telephones, women shaving their heads voluntarily, and wireless war…  These were some forecasts which turned out to be spot-on.

Professor A.M. Low wrote:  “The war of 2023 will naturally be a wireless warWireless telephony, sight, heat, power and writing may all play important parts.”  Low wasn’t far off, at all, with the internet now a vital tool to help those on the front line, today – as well as the front lines of business competition.

In fact, one predicted that beauty contests would become unnecessary – that all people would be “beautiful.”  Of course, now, there’s more cosmetic help:  make-up, hair color, filters, even surgery.

One article envisioned a medical environment in which our life expectancy could top 100 years.  It’s getting there (currently about 82) – and it’s accomplished, by more people than ever.

One futurist also envisioned flying from Chicago to Hamburg in 18 hours.  He would be surprised to learn that today it actually takes half that amount of time.

Another predicted the US population would triple, from about 100 million to 300 million…  and it has.

There’s more, here:  (The Sun)

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