WORK SMARTER NOT HARDER:  Book Flights NOW for Holiday Travel
This Is When You Should Book your Holiday Flights 

If you’re hoping to get a deal on holiday airfare, you’ll want to book soon.  Flight-tracking experts at Hopper say the lowest prices are very likely available right now, especially for Christmas.

When it comes to fare prices, Hopper says for Thanksgiving, you should expect domestic airfare of around $300/round-trip, which is up 23-percent from 2020, but down 11-percent from 2019.

They predict that Thanksgiving fares will spike after Halloween, and cost about $400 round trip leading up to Thanksgiving.

International travelers can expect to pay about $620 round-trip, and waiting until the last minute will drive that price up about $200 more per ticket.

Meanwhile, prices are higher for Christmas travel.  Domestic travelers can expect to pay an average of $430 round-trip, while international travelers can expect to pay an average of $969.  Hopper recommends booking Christmas travel no later than Thanksgiving, as over the course of December, prices are expected to rise as much as $230.

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  • If you’re planning to fly somewhere for Thanksgiving you should be booking your tickets now to get the best deal, and expect to pay about $300 per round-trip ticket for domestic travel— if you wait to book until after Halloween you can expect a price increase of $100 per ticket

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