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FRISKY FRIDAY FIRST DATE: Should a Woman Pay the Bill If She Asks the Other Person Out?

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Dating Expert:  A Woman Should Only Pay on the First Date If she Asks the Other Person Out

Should women at least try to pay on the first date?

Relationship expert Jana Hocking says:  not always.

Hocking clarifies, “I always get in trouble when I say the man should pay for the first date.  I have rectified that, I do think, now, that if the girl has asked the guy out, they should go halves.  I still don’t think the girl should pay for all of it.”

She adds that she always offers to split the bill, just to see whether the man will insist on paying the whole thing or not.  If nothing else, it’s an egalitarian or equal/fair approach.

I think that the woman should pick up the bill, if she asked the other person on the date.  Then, the date can gratefully accept, offer to split the bill, or offer to reciprocate, and go out on another date.   I also think that it’s unfair (and unenlightened) to think that dating only exists between ‘a girl and a guy.’  ~ Mo

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  • A dating expert says she thinks when a man and a woman go on a first date the man should pay the whole bill, unless the woman is the one who asked the man on the date—she says in that case the two should split the bill evenly

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