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10 Things Guys Say – Which Totally Turn Women OFF.

If you have ever heard a man say something absolutely un-attractive, you’ll appreciate this list.

Wendy Stokes at offers up these hilarious quotes, which may bring back some blocked out memories.

  1.  “I don’t need anyone as long as I have my cat.”  Well let me just pack up my things and go.
  2. “It’s a woman’s job to change diapers.”  Yes.  It.  Is.  Check please!
  3. “I borrowed money from my cousin to take you out to dinner.”  How, um, sweet (?) of you.
  4.  “Let me shave you.”  Let me run screaming from your apartment.
  5.  “I live with my mom, and she eats all of my ice cream.”  I can’t wait to have a slumber party at your place!
  6.  “Who’s your daddy?”  Not you, dude.
  7.  “You mean you actually wear a bikini at the beach?”  No, I wear a wetsuit, so that not an inch of my skin sees sunlight.
  8.  “I think you’re beautiful. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t hang out with you.”  That is awfully kind of you.
  9.  ‎“I can’t go that restaurant, my ex works there and she has a restraining order against me.”  Oh yeah … sure no problem.  Let’s take a raincheck on dinner.  Like forever.
  10.  “I have no faith in humanity.”  Misanthropy isn’t exactly an aphrodisiac.                     Check out the whole article at:

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