Could you use a Million Dollars?

(Photo by Tom Smith)

Well the Morris VFW is at it again tonight with a Queen of Hearts Draw Down at 6 pm. This time the kitty is up to just under 1.6 Million at $1,595,107.00 someone is going to be very happy tonight! The way this works is simple. There are 54 cards in a deck, placed randomly by the manufacturer and sealed on a board. When you purchase a ticket, you put your information on it and select what number you choice of any remaining cards…. If you ticket is drawn, and the card you selected it the Queen of Hearts…. You win 70% of the pot apx. $1,116,574,90 (subject to taxes). Not to bad right?

Good luck to all in the draw down!

Must be 21 or older, for official rules see the VFW’s official web site or their Facebook page


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