The Secret To Getting Mice Away That Nobody Knows

In this June 22, 2017 photo, a mouse is tagged and inspected in Millbrook, N.Y., as part of a research project by the Cary Institute Of Ecosystem Studies. Concern about blacklegged ticks recently amped up, largely because of a prediction made by Richard Ostfeld of the Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies, north of New York City. Ostfeld, a respected tick researcher, says blacklegged tick populations can explode based on a boom-and-bust cycle of acorns and white-footed mice, which ticks like to feed on. He says conditions over the last two years bode for a boom this year in the Northeast. (AP Photo/Michael Hill)

No matter where you live, chances are you’ve seen some sort of rodent. Even the White House has a mouse problem. So what can you do?
Most people either spray their homes with chemicals or set up some mouse traps where the rodents seem to congregate. But there’s another option, and you’d never guess it.
The secret to keeping mice away is… peppermint! Yep. Just put some peppermint scent in the corners of your house or where you seem to find the mice and that should take care of the problem. Carol put down peppermint tea bags and said it worked! Natural home remedies are popular but don’t always work as well. This one, however, is pretty solid. Mice can’t stand the strong smell of peppermint, so give it a shot!

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