Janice Smith had a grudge against her former boyfriend, James Robinson, so she devised a plan to get back at him. She caught squirrels and taught them to assault Robinson.

Authorities in Detroit say the man was attacked by squirrels more than a dozen times in the previous month. The attacks caused him to lose two fingers and one gonad, gnawed off by the villainous rodents. Robinson had no idea why the squirrels kept attacking him until he saw Smith cheering them on during one of the assaults. It all became clear to him then, as he remembered that one of her previous jobs was a carnival creature coach.

Robinson reported her to the police, who found 27 squirrels at her place of residence. When the police arrived at her home, she admitted that she had been behind the attacks. DPD Chief James Craig told reporters that this was probably the weirdest case he’d ever seen in the time he worked on the police force.

Officials think she may have effects of mental issues. Should she be judged fit to stand trial, she could be sentenced to 65 years in jail.


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