Have you seen the Chicken Car

Used with permission by Patrick Taylor

Patrick Taylor was recently on my show to talk about the wonderful car you see in the photo. The Chicken Car as it’s lovingly referred to has been with Patrick since he was 17. Purchased from an employer of his, the car has taken on a life of it’s own getting looks and pictures taken whenever he takes it outside of Dixon, IL (You might have even seen it on I-88). The car became so popular it was featured on A&E’s “Shipping Wars” and even has its own Facebook Page and website. Patrick and some friends embarked on a 48 state journey in the 1993 Ford Mustang Chicken Car to spread the word on Mental Illness and went everywhere from New York, L.A. and Chicago.

Now though it seems The Chicken Car might have to “Fly the coop” because apparently the car breaks some rules where Patrick lives now. Patrick uses The Chicken Car as a daily driver and used to drive 90 miles from Dixon, IL to OakBrook, IL. To follow Patrick and see updates on whats gonna happen to The Chicken Car CLICK HERE




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