Roy Gregory Attends Walking Dead Survivor Sunday Event @ Movie Theater

Roy Gregory headed to the Cinemark Theater in Joliet to check out the “Survivor Sunday” event that featured the season Finale of the Walking Dead and the season premiere of Fear the Walking Dead. Not to ruin it for anyone that hasn’t seen it yet, but there were some big surprises in the Walking Dead. The Fear the Walking Dead spin-off focused on the cross-over of Morgan from the Walking Dead and introduced some new characters. The entire premiere of Fear the Walking Dead was dedicated to Morgan’s journey into his new surroundings. Everyone that went to the theaters got a “Survival Sunday” poster (pictured below).  The Event was put on by

All in all a big thumbs up from a 21 year-old, and two 15 year-olds. And yes I had fun too! Something tells more more TV shows may try the movie theater route making the Season Finale’s a little more special. There were a lot of Walking Dead t-shirts, but we didn’t see anyone dress in characters. We Hope Fathom Events & the Walking Dead team up again sometime down the road!



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