Morning Mindtwister

3-28-17   The #1 cause of injuries at home is falling down. THIS is #2. What is it?

Answer:    Walking into a sliding glass door

Winner:   Debbie Carolan of Batavia

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3-28-17   What is the latest 1″ or better snowfall in Chicago?

Answer:    May 3, 1907   (source:

3-27-17   Experts say that doing THIS has been linked with a 60% higher risk of heart problems, and it’s something a lot of people are doing these days. What is it?

Answer:    Working overtime
3-23-17 A majority of Americans surveyed said THIS is their biggest high school regret. What is it?

Answer: Not learning a second language

3-22-17   3/4 of us have one of THESE but about half of them don’t work. What are they?

Answer:    Flashlights

3-21-17   86% of men surveyed believe in THIS, while only 41% of women believe in it. What is it?

Answer:    Love at first sight

3-20-17   Beauty & The Beast set box office records with a massive $170-million opening US weekend. It was the biggest opening ever for a PG movie. What was the previous record-holder?

Answer:    “Finding Dory” with $135-million

3-16-17   What was Jason Aldean’s first #1 hit?

Answer:    “WHY”

3-15-17   20% of women surveyed said THIS inspired them to lose weight. What is it?

Answer:    A school reunion

3-14-17   1/4 of adults surveyed said THIS is their favorite smell. What is it?

Answer:    A campfire

3-13-17   According to research, you’re more likely to do THIS on a Tuesday than any other day of the week. What is it?

Answer:   Work through lunch

3-9-17   In a Yahoo poll, women named THIS the top invention of the last century. What is it?

Answer:    The birth control pill

3-8-17   According to GQ Magazine, 27% of men surveyed admitted they have tried on or worn THIS, but would never admit it. What is it?

Answer:    Lipstick

3-7-17   Blake Shelton has scored 23 #1 hits. What was his first #1?

Answer:    AUSTIN in 2001

3-6-17   In season eleven seasons of The Voice,  How many of Blake Shelton’s singers have won?

Answer:    5  (Sundance Head was the last in season 11)











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