Morning Mindtwister

7-17-17   A majority of bodybuilders in training say THIS is the food they miss eating the most. What is it?

Answer:  French Fries

Winner:   Dawn Rogowski of Minooka

Listen to win tickets to see Dierks Bentley, Cole Swindell, & Jon Pardi Friday July 28th @ the Hollywood Casino Ampthiteater in Tinley Park.


7-17-17   Dierks Bentley used to travel with his longtime companion a dog, (who appeared on the cover of Dierks’ debut album and videos (he passed away July 10, 2016) What was his name?

Answer:  JAKE

7-13-17   Before deciding on one, most women need to see 5 of THESE, while most men only need to see 2. What is it?

Answer:  A Selfie

7-12-17   The average woman complains about THIS twice a day. What is it?

Answer:  Men

7-11-17   THESE are the three words women want to hear most. What are they?

Answer:  “You’ve lost weight.”

7-10-17   In a recent study, 54% of adults showed improved memory and brain function after doing this for just 12 minutes a day. What is it?

Answer:  Listening to Music




















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