Keith Urban Gave Julia Michaels a Grand Housewarming Gift

Photo Provided by Meredith Truax

Keith Urban and Julia Michaels worked hard on his latest album Graffiti U, Urban was so grateful for Michaels contributions to the genre-bending album that he gifted her with a very special housewarming gift.

As Michaels entered her home after a 14-hour flight, her friend told her there was something special in store for her, as she was walking around trying to figure out what was different in the house, when she noticed a brand new upright piano. Michaels reaction to the gift was priceless, “I was in shock. I think I hugged it for an hour,” she says.

Michaels posted the video of her gift on Instagram with a caption that read, “My new house feels like a home now because of you. Thank you for this incredibly thoughtful housewarming present. I will never take this Piano or this moment for granted.”

What is the best gift you’ve received for your home?



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