Harry Potter Go?

(Photo by Joel Ryan/Invision/AP, File)

Soon you will be able to be Harry Potter and learn spells, explore your real world neighborhood and city to find and fight beasts of a legendary nature and join up with fellow questers to take down your enemies!  Well that is what is basically what Niantic said in a statement who is developing the game with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and WG Games San Francisco.

A new augmented reality mobile game based on the Harry Potter’s world of wizards has been announced by Niantic, who developed Pokemon GO. The game will use the same platform that is in Pokemon Go, where players explored real world locations and teamed up with other players to progress further and further in the game.

No release date has been announced. There is an official site for the game where fans can receive updates. To go there, click here: https://www.harrypotterwizardsunite.com/



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