Want to turn back the clock on your body? Tell us why you should be chosen for the Joliet Park District's Turn Back the Clock program. One lucky winner will receive a 6 week intensive training program where you will be part of a team all working together to look better, lose weight, eat right and be a better you!!

Turn Back the Clock is a six week team competition. Selected participants will be assessed at the beginning of the competition using the Polar Body Age system to determine fitness age opposed to chronological age. Throughout this fun competition, participants will receive personal training and nutrition guidance. Teams will work together to see phenomenal health improvements (heart health, weight loss, increased strength, & improved flexibility) and to "turn back the clock."

At the completion of the 6 week program, a Body Age assessment will take place to determine the overall Male & Female winners (based on years lost). Winners will receive an Annual Inwood Athletic Club Membership.

Teams will also compete against each other in a series of fun fitness games; the winning team participants will receive a 6 month Inwood Athletic Club Membership.

Workout sessions: January  2013 - February  2013


Full Name:
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Have you ever participated in TBTC before?:

Has a doctor ever suggested that you avoid exercise or expressed any other concern about any other condition(s) that would inhibit you from participating in this contest?:

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Can you attend all 6 weeks of the TBTC session?:

Are you willing to have your picture taken and posted on the Joliet Park District and Our website? (nothing revealing, i.e. swimming suit):

Why should you be chosen to be on a Turn Back the Clock team in 2013?:


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